How’s Your Soul? Part 4

Hi Band and Production Team!

This is the 4th installment of our How’s Your Soul? devotion. I hope you can take a few moments of your day and remember why our souls have hope.

“Either life is meaningless and my existence doesn’t matter, or God is the only hope I have. Therefore, when we find ourselves tumbling down melancholy rabbit holes of discouragment  and depression, we have to choose. Either we believe that nothing matters, or we put our trust and hope in someone who is bigger than us.”


How’s Your Soul? Worship Arts Devo

I made this little video for everyone who was unable to attend our first Team Night devotion. I would love for everyone to take 5 minutes to watch and think about the things brought up in this devotion. It’s really important for us to take inventory of our souls – to ensure that we are not only healthy on the outside, but on the inside as well. Part 2 is this Thursday night. I hope you all can make it.

*Excuse my messy office. I’d love to say it’s not always like this, but it is. 🙂