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Many of you may not know this, but our band and production crew meet on Tuesday evenings for fellowship and rehearsal. Discipleship is a huge priority within our team, though, I’ll admit, I haven’t been the greatest at orchestrating this lately.

I have, however, made it a personal goal to pray for each person on my team everyday. They are volunteers and have a ton of stuff on their plates even before they get to band rehearsal each week, so I pray for their continued strength, stamina, and personal spiritual growth. Here’s what they got delivered to their inboxes today. I wanted to share, because it’s not just for us but for everyone. The email is titled: Pursue.

Hi All,

I’ve spent a portion of my day today in prayer for each of you, and I found myself praying for each of you to have the motivation and strength each day to pursue God. Psalm 27:8 says:

“My heart says of you, “Seek his face!” Your face, LORD, I will seek.”
Wherever you are, you can find a way to the throne of grace by prayer. God calls us by his Spirit, by his word, by his worship, and by special providences, merciful and afflicting. When we are foolishly attached to lying vanities, God is, in love to us, calling us to seek our own mercies in him. The call is general, Seek his my face; but we must apply it to ourselves, I will seek it.
So I encourage you today to make space in your busy, hectic lives to seek His merciful face. He is an ever present help in times of trouble, and in times of harvest, He rejoices alongside us.
What have you learned through His Word or through prayer this week? If you’ve yet to spend some moments with Him this week, understand that He’s right there waiting for you, desiring an ounce of your time.
If you’re scheduled this Sunday, remember that you can’t give to our congregation what you haven’t put in during the week. Allow God to pour His love into you so that when you stand up on the platform Sunday, it is He that everyone sees.
Thanks everyone!

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