I Believe – The Message

I Believe. We say we believe, but do we actually know what it it that we truly believe? Some things in the Bible are simply unbelievable like: a virgin birth, miracles done by Jesus, a big fish swallowing a man so that God could teach him to obey, theparting of the Red Sea, Moses having a staff that would turn into a snake, the ability of one Man’s blood to be the remission of the sins of all mankind, a Jesus who is 100% man and 100% God (statistically that just doesn’t work), the Triune God – Father, Son, and Holy Spirit – one God in 3 persons, a Jesus, who after three days of being dead, arose. These things are just a few of the things we Christians believe to be true. Are we nuts?. These miraculous things, however, are truth-filled things, and we haven’t even reached the tip of the iceberg on what unbelievable things are in the Bible.

I’ll admit that I’ve struggled to believe the miraculous at times. I’ve questioned God on all of the above stories and more. In my own life, miracles have never occurred the way I thought they would. In all the years I prayed for God to help and save my family, I thought he would do this immediate restoration and reconciliation. But looking back over the last 20+ years, I can clearly see miracle after miracle – little things that over time made a HUGE difference.

So maybe those things mentioned previously aren’t so difficult to believe after all. Maybe those seemingly big miracles are small in comparison to what He has planned for each of us. Our salvation, which is so precious, being the greatest miracle of them all.


We believe, not based solely on what we’ve seen happen in our lives. We believe, rather, because we have a God whose love and kindness draws our hearts and spirits to Himself. We believe, because of the ancient Book He left us to grow our faith and help us understand Him more. This Book, which tells us Who our God is when the world around us says He doesn’t exist. We believe even though the Church isn’t perfect, because we know her imperfection points us even closer to a God who desires repentance in all of us. Yes, the brokenness of the Church should draw us closer to God, because we know that He is at work in us (the Church) to make us His perfect Bride.


So maybe you’re reading this today and the thought of believing in all of these weird stories and concepts is too difficult for you to handle. That’s ok, because even when you don’t believe, He is still running after you. He is still pursuing your heart. Today asmall seed is planted, and perhaps, the hard, metallic heart you’ve had to carry will begin to break open and a tiny ray of light will make its way inside. And before you know it, Christ will have made Himself know to you. Yes, just you, because that’s how much He truly desires you. This I Believe!

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