The Sacred Heart

This week, I’ve tried to really focus my heart on what it meant for Jesus/God to die. What did that 2 day void feel like? You see, even if we aren’t believers yet, His Spirit is still working in us drawing us closer and closer until we much make a choice. But for 2 solid days, everything was still and quiet. I’m sure disappointment had set in with the disciples and all of Jesus’ other followers. Him dying via crucifixion is not exactly what they expected of their triumphant Messiah. It wasn’t supposed to go down like that. He was to come as a King, a Ruler, who would set everything right and create a world of peace and love. God couldn’t be dead, right?

I also wonder what the Father must have felt like, having to remain silent throughout the entire process, knowing that our triumphant Messiah was busy destroying death, hell, and the grave. Did He sit there with a smile as He watched His Son in pride bring down a voracious enemy? Did the enemy actually think he could win? It’s laughable when you really think about it.

I definitely don’t know all of the thoughts and feelings of those so personally touched by Jesus and His ministry, but I do know that the shock and amazement of an empty tomb was more than we could possibly comprehend. It was greater than a kid waking up on Christmas morning having received all he’d asked for and more. I’m talking about the kid who gets a trampoline, a pony, a bike, a guitar, and whatever else is super popular with kids these days.

An empty tomb. Jesus had created one before with Lazarus, but never had a Man raised Himself from the grave. Miracle of miracles right there!

I don’t know if there’s ever been a season in my life where I’ve felt so close to truly seeing and believing this impossible story.

So what does all of this really mean for us?

  • That we are free from our sins
  • That we are free to love a God who loves us so tremendously
  • That we are forgiven of our past, present, and future failures
  • That we belong to the King of all Kings
  • That we will someday rise with Him and see Him face to face

The list could continue on and on. So while we enjoy time with our families this week, hunting Easter eggs and enjoying lovely Easter church services, take a moment to contemplate/meditate on the cross and the resurrection. He did it all out of His great love for us.

I leave you with a photo of the Sacre Coeur in Paris, France. It’s one of the greatest places I’ve visited in Europe. Most of the time in Catholic churches in Europe, the centerpiece of the room is of a dying, suffering Jesus. For some reason this always bothered me. Not because we shouldn’t remember his suffering, but because without the resurrection it would have all meant NOTHING.

The painting of Jesus in the Sacre Coeur is completely different. He has His heart exposed, in tender love, for us. He gave up His life. No one took it from Him.  Study it and see what it means to you.


Sacré-Cœur Basilica


A closer picture of His heart
A closer picture of His heart

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