Reflections from Sept. 15 Services

HopeWorship 031

It’s taken some time for me to get this all “on paper” (so to speak). I spent the majority of last week in complete and utter awe of Jesus, His grace, and His mercy in revealing Himself to us. To say my heart was expectant regarding the Night of Worship would be an understatement. I truly knew that God was up to something BIG, and He never disappoints.

The Saturday prior to Night of Worship, our band and tech crew got together in the morning (8am! Now, that’s commitment!!), and we did much more than just rehearse. We did something that I’m not sure we’ve ever done before. We went beyond just our weekly prayer/devo time, and we spent time as individuals spread out all across the Big Room praying for you. We all sat in different sections across the building and asked God to show up in power, to heal diseases, to break bondage, and to touch each one of you personally. We prayed for God to stir your hearts to come and participate. He did just that, but He also surprised me.

HopeWorship 007

I remember being so tired Sunday morning, knowing what a long day it would be. Though we had been preparing for weeks, I knew we had more work to do. Though my heart was expectant for Sunday evening, I had no clue what God had in store for our morning worship.

As we walked in the doors Sunday morning, there was a tangible difference in the building. An excitement was building. We finished our morning rehearsal early, and we were able to practice one of the new songs for Sunday evening. As we were singing Burning Ones, the gravity of the day melted away, and as a team, we just worshiped. It was awesome! We have those moments a lot during rehearsals, but there was something deeper at work that day.

HopeWorship 017

And last Sunday evening, you guys showed up. (Yes, I was worried that you wouldn’t). Not only did you show up, but you came ready to worship, and for about an hour and forty five minutes, you sang, worshiped, and connected with the Lord God of all. For that, I am so thankful. It’s always been my hope that we would not only play great music, but that we would be able to lead you to the very heart of God and teach you how to worship. I feel like you guys totally get it, and that is such an encouragement to me.

I genuinely appreciate all of the feedback. I know that my own heart was melted a bit last Sunday, and I hope yours was too. We plan to do this again soon. As a matter of fact, I am already working on our Christmas Worship Night that will be on December 8. We’re changing the format this year from last year’s. I’ve never been very comfortable with a concert atmosphere, so this year we’re working on providing you with the opportunity to engage Jesus during the Christmas season. Be on the lookout for more info regarding that.

HopeWorship 030


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