Set List: September 8

Here For You
Tear Down the Walls
One Thing Remains

This Sunday was tough! I can’t really give you a tangible reason as to why. I just know that there are some weeks where you know God wants to accomplish something and the prayer for the week is: “God, just don’t let me get in the way!”. Walking into the building, there was a sense of heaviness for me, like the Lord had something really important to do. I’m not trying to sound all super spiritual, but there really was some major spiritual warfare going on. During rehearsal, we even dropped a song. Actually, it was the one song I thought God really wanted to speak through. But it just wasn’t working, and the decision had to be made. We were able, then, to spend some quality time with Jesus in the last few minutes of worship that ended up being the most powerful of all. It’s comfortable to worship when the words are provided. It’s more difficult when you have to pour your own heart out, but I believe that is what the Lord wanted from us Sunday. And you guys answered the call. All across the room, people opened their hearts and allowed themselves the opportunity to speak directly to Jesus. From the stage, it was absolutely incredible to hear. Imagine what it must have sounded like to all of Heaven! That really excites me!

Don’t forget that our Night of Worship is this coming Sunday at 6pm!!!!

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