Set List: August 11

God’s Great Dance Floor – Passion/Tomlin
Whom Shall I Fear – Passion/Tomlin
How Great is the Love – Vertical Church Band
O The Blood – Gateway
Beautiful Exchange – Hillsong Live

This week, we wanted to do something that got us outside of our boxes in worship/praise. God’s Great Dance Floor musically takes us back to the era of repetitive dance/disco music, but lyrically it’s a declaration of what it means to follow Christ. In a very literal sense, we “Come Alive!” That should excite us!!

One of the beautiful things about Hope being non-denominational is that people who come to our church generally come from very different worship backgrounds–some with no background at all, which is AWESOME!! I come from a pentecostal background where worship was highly emotional. I don’t mean that as a bad thing, necessarily. Jesus loves when we worship Him with every part of our being–emotional and intellectual. The two aren’t mutually exclusive at all. It was just simply amazing to see those who would typically not break outside of their comfort zones in worship actually break free!

So, thank you, Hope Fellowship, for giving your all in praise to Jesus yesterday. My prayer is that we all have opportunities this week to share the love of Christ with our neighbors, co-workers, friends, enemies, and EVERYONE. Let’s go and be the hands and feet of Jesus!

2 thoughts on “Set List: August 11

  1. Oh wow, what a great worship service ! We brought our grand sons for the 1st time and the 5 year old went home so excited, telling his mother that our church was the BEST! He just loved the music ! Thanks for making his 1st experience at Hope so exciting and positive in worshiping Jesus.

    Michelle Brouwer


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