Set List: August 4

You – Hillsong United
You Are More – Hillsong Live
Christ is Enough – Hillsong Live
God You Are My God – Vertical Church Band
Strong God – Desperation Band/Meredith Andrews Version

First of all, I wanted to take a moment to comment on Pastor Mark’s incredible message on Sunday. I don’t know if this is the experience everywhere, but many times church seems to be an “us vs. them” kind of thing. This bothers me a great deal. It’s one church against another church and the Church against unbelievers. This does not please the heart of Jesus in any way. Church should be a place where every person regardless of race, culture, (dare I say…) sexual orientation, and past should be able to come and FIND JESUS! He is our Savior after all, which means that “His house” should be full of people that He needs to save. Does this make church messy? Of course. Does this make people uncomfortable? Absolutely. But it’s the call, none the less. “Make disciples” is what Jesus told us to do. What he didn’t say was build buildings for people who have no real need of a Savior. He said “Go!

So I make this plea to anyone who has been rejected by “Christians” or “churches.” Don’t let that keep you from finding Jesus. You are welcome at Hope Fellowship no matter what your sin, past, etc. We are all sinners. We are in the same boat! Come and heal. Feel the love of Jesus.

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