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What does your worship look like Monday-Saturday? It’s so easy for us to come to worship Sunday, jump around, lift our hands, and surrender our hearts to Jesus. But what are you doing during the week to meet with Him? Our times on Sunday should be a mere reflection of the time we’ve spent with Him throughout the week.

For me personally, my times of personal worship are growing more and more intense. As someone who struggles with insomnia quite a bit, sleepless nights turn into worship and prayer. When I’m in my car listening to Sunday’s set list, at times I have a hard time not closing my eyes and lifting my hands. Yikes!! Jesus, protect those around me!

So now it’s your turn!! And……go!

2 thoughts on “Monday-Saturday

  1. Monday-Saturday, my time with God is spent in devotion books in the evening and in prayers throughout the day. I am reading through Hinds Feet on High Places by Hannah Hurnand as well as Jesus Calling. Lately God has been drawing me closer to him with the promise of his provision for my life. I have found my prayers turning from, “God please do ______ for me,” into, “God I know that you are the God who provides our needs for us.” I have been filled with an incredible amount of peace as time after time God fulfilled my needs, even though I didn’t directly ask him to.


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