What is a Worship Leader?

I had one of those mornings where I didn’t want my music blaring. I just wanted some moments of solitude to talk with Jesus and to think.

I was thinking about all of the amazing people I’ve had audition for our worship band and how much I wish I could use everyone on stage every week when the Holy Spirit spoke to my heart and asked me, “What exactly is a worship leader?”

I’m a worship leader.

Each member of my band is a worship leader, even if they are simply playing the triangle (no offense triangle players). 😉

Every singer on the stage is a worship leader. They’re actively demonstrating their worship to the congregation.

Our Lead Pastor is a worship leader. He sits up front, completely clueless as to how the rest of the people are responding, and he responds himself in a powerful way.

But let’s look beyond the leaders in the church and those who are on the stage. Is it possible that there are people in the congregation that God has called to be worship leaders, but in a way that is not apparent to the rest of us?

Is it possible that the couple that sits on the second row, pouring out their hearts through the tremendous amount of pain they’ve encountered this year is, in effect, leading worship?

Is it possible that God is using the woman who has been struggling with addiction, who has come into church for the first time in years is also leading us in worship?

The answer to that is a resounding YES! I can tell you that these are the people who are leading me in worship each week. I see their example, and it makes me want to run harder and faster after Jesus.

Not all worship leaders are called to lead from a stage. And the stage is not the prize…Jesus is.

Therefore, I implore of you to not be discouraged if your talents are not used in the way you expect (i.e. on stage), but remember that no matter what your platform, you are a worship leader. People are watching your example, no matter where you are.

Be sincere. Be loving. And simply worship Jesus.

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