Christ and Creativity in the Church

Every morning, my routine is fairly the same. I get up, eat breakfast with the family, get Adie ready for school, get the family out the door, and then get myself ready for the day. Each day, I get in my car with this teenie tiny glimmer of hope that what I hear on the radio will inspire me, draw me to Christ, and ultimately cause my heart to worship. Most mornings, I find myself sitting in a pile of complete disappointment.

There are so many amazing Christian artists out there, who employ such raw, real creativity. Why are none of them on the radio? What we are producing mainstream and what the world is judging us by is kind of embarrassing to me. The world should never override us in our creativity. If we, as Christians, are close to the Father’s heart, shouldn’t we reflect His creativity? This is a God who created the heavens, the earth, and everything within. Take a look outside for a moment, and you cannot escape the intense beauty of His creation. He is the author of creativity, and we are His reflection.

I think it’s possible that we’ve tried to sell a bill of goods to the world by almost subliminally sticking our message into a format that frankly, it just doesn’t belong. Don’t ever think for a minute that people who are not-yet-Christ-followers don’t totally see through all of our “bag of tricks.” The point is that we don’t belong in this world; we were not created for it. And I think the world would seriously love to see some authenticity through us as Christ-followers.

So get out there and create! Paint, sculpt, write, create music, and invent all with the freedom that only Christ can give us. Let Christ be your muse. Let Him teach you about genuine creativity. Reflect Him in your art; not the world.

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