Yesterday Was Different

Normally on Sunday mornings, we hit you all with 2 upbeat, fast songs, and then we slow things down a bit in our second set with more personal worship. This is most likely what you expect now when you come to a worship experience at Hope, and that awesome.

This week, the Holy Spirit kept pulling me somewhere else. I made about 3-4 different set lists over the course of a few weeks, and I was never pleased with any of them. This has rarely ever happened. Usually, the vision is very clear. I think in a way I was fighting with God over the typical formula of worship we’ve created and the design for worship that He wanted for that particular Sunday.

So this past Sunday was very reflective, and I know that God set the whole thing in motion for maybe only one person in attendance. That’s how much He cares for us individually! As a matter of fact, I was able to talk to someone after service who has been through the fire over the last several weeks. He is rarely at church on Sunday mornings due to his work schedule, but he believed that God was speaking directly to him yesterday.

How easy it is to put God in a box, thinking He can only really work if I sing this song or that one. He speaks through us, most of the time, despite us, and I am so thankful. In those moments, we can only give the glory to Jesus, because we are truly reminded that there is nothing in ourselves that makes any difference in people. It is only His Spirit in us that makes the change.

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