Worship Reflections from April 1st

Wow! When I think about how the Holy Spirit moved yesterday, I get a bit overwhelmed. Here are a few of my thoughts concerning what I experienced:

1. Hope Fellowship Church really knows how to worship!

Due to the fact that it was spring break, I was afraid that no one would show up, but we were packed! Yes! There have been seasons in my worship leading experience where I was honestly afraid to open my eyes. I was afraid to see the blank faces of people who weren’t connecting. I’ve noticed a shift in the last few months. God is doing something in our hearts. God is teaching us how to worship with everything we’ve got. My church sang and worshiped loudly, and I’m so proud of them!

2. The Cross

There was a theme in our worship that I really wanted to capture. I wanted our hearts to be turned to the sacrifice paid for us. I think for people who have grown up in church, we’ve been desensitized to the gravity of the sacrifice. Sometimes we forget that He died a brutal death for us. We forget that if we were the only person on earth, He would have still done it. We forget or water down the love that He has for us.

3. The Message

Pastor Mark did a phenomenal job relating the story of Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem and how He was truly revealing Who He was. He talked about how easy it is to not see God right in front of us simply because we don’t know Him through His Word. I felt my heart was changed.

4. How He Loves

I almost changed this song at the end, but I had a guest drummer. I didn’t want to throw him a curve-ball. Now, I’m so glad I didn’t change it. It’s amazing how you can sing a song over and over, and each time you sing it, God reveals Himself greater and greater. There was a point in that song where I thought I would literally fall over…ha! The fact that I could hear my church singing it so loudly was just overwhelming to me. There are times when His Presence is so sweet and soft, and there are times when He shakes you to the core. Yesterday, was a shake to the core type of experience. I’m so grateful!

Anyway, that’s what I thought. What did you think? How did God speak to your hearts?

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