Thoughts for the Day:

I refuse to be the type of leader who appears to have it all together. Only when I have it all together will I appear so, and that will NEVER happen. Ha!

Sometimes I crumble, even at band practice…just ask the band.

Jesus was transparent. He experienced disappointment from His closest friends, and He didn’t hide how He felt about it.

Ranch Wheat Thins are the, but I can never find them in the store anymore. I did today, though. It’s the little things…

Prayer is such a powerful weapon of spiritual warfare.

Spiritual warfare is real, and if we deny that, we’ve lost.

I don’t understand those who are still pretty when they cry. I cry ugly! And I kinda hate that.

I sold my can opener at my yard sale last weekend, and I had to open two cans this morning. FAIL!

I’ve got to start planning our next Worship Night, because the last one was amazing. Jesus is legit!

I made the band learn three new songs last night, and they did it with grace. I’m like a proud mama.

I wanna play my guitar and sing now. And I’m gonna kiss my husband and daughter later today. That makes me EXTREMELY happy! =)




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