Growing and Learning

I started as the worship pastor at Hope Fellowship 1 year ago this week! Holy cow! I can’t believe how good God has been to me, our band, and our church. When I started a year ago, I was terrified. It was easier for me to be the back-up singer and just lead a song here and there. The weight of responsibility wasn’t as heavy. However, you can’t run or hide from your calling, and leading our church in worship each week seriously is my calling. This I take very seriously.

One of the great lessons I’ve learned this year (and I learned it within the first 2 weeks of starting this adventure) is that God doesn’t necessarily call those who are equipped. Rather, he equips those whom He has called. Isaiah 55:8 says, “‘For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are you ways my ways,’ declares the LORD.” He doesn’t work by the same systems and tactics that the world works under. When I started, I knew very little about putting a worship set together or matching songs that work well together in this key or that. I knew nothing about how to explain to the drummer, bass player, guitarist, pianist, etc what exactly I wanted a song to sound like. I didn’t have the skills necessary to do this job! But God had it all! You see, those first months, I struggled with the actual musical aspect of things. Worship comes naturally to me. It was what I was placed on the earth to do, but music theory and leadership were not as familiar. Little did I know, this lack of knowledge was a gift! You may think I’m nuts here, but I’m serious. Still, to this day, I find myself on my knees before God asking for His direction, because there is nothing inside of me that can do this! He has to show up in power and in might, or we crumble. He is faithful and has yet to fail me! He has taught me how to hear His voice and to trust Him. Yes!

With all of that being said, I find it vitally important that as we move on from this year that as a band and for me, as your leader, that we grow and learn more about Him, about music and production, etc. If we don’t continue growing, we are dead. Proverbs 13:14 says, “The teaching of the wise is a fountain of life, turning a man from the snares of death.” We must keep learning.

I had an amazing opportunity this past week to do just that! I was able to attend and help lead worship at Foothills Community Church in Seneca, SC. This is a great church with great people. David Odom is the worship pastor there, and he did a great job kind of mentoring and helping me. Their tech guru, Shane Smith, even gave my husband, Danny, some good pointers. Can I just say that I love it when the Church acts like the Church and helps one another out in love and compassion? The Bible says that they [the world] will know is by the love we have for one another. The leadership at Foothills did just that, and we are grateful.

Here’s to the road ahead!

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